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Property Management and
Leasing Services Austin Texas

This Page gives a brief overview of the property management and other real estate services we provide. For detailed answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Full Service Property Management

We do it all for you! Rent collection, property care, maintenance, tenant screening, leasing, tenant relations, etc. You receive easy to read statements each month with your rent proceeds. Relax and enjoy your other life activities knowing that your property manager will be there to take that next call from your tenant! Check out our question and answer page for complete information on how our Property Management Service can make your rental ownership easy and hassle free.

Leasing for Owners

You may have the time and ability to manage your own rental property but would still appreciate help finding quality tenants. Our Lease-Only service is a perfect solution if you are that type of owner. We aggressively market your property, thoroughly screen each applicant, perform extensive credit and background checks, then present the application to you for consideration. Once a qualified tenant is found, we prepare all lease documents using Texas Association of Realtors promulgated forms for your protection. Finally, we will coordinate the move-in and see that all parties receive proper copies of the lease agreement and addendums. Don’t commit the number one error of most do-it-yourself landlords by putting tenants into your property without having them properly screened and checked out. Let us show you how much easier it is to let us do the work for you.

Leasing for Tenants

Check our online listings to find a home you like. We will try our best to find one of our managed properties that fits your needs.

Investment and Residential Sales

If you are looking for investment property to purchase, or would like to sell your home, call Jim Wilson at (512) 328-8500 or contact us online for further information.

Property Management Referral

If your property does not fit the profile of properties we manage (perhaps it’s outside our geographical areas, is a condo or 4-plex, has a pool, etc.), contact us nevertheless and we can refer you to another property manager. Because of our constant involvement with and service to local real estate and property management associations, we know dozens of Property Managers in Austin Texas. We will be happy to point you to someone that will be a good fit for you and your property.