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Hi Jim,

Ted and I rented a place on Caymen Place for one year in 2007 and appreciated your management skills. I especially appreciated your responses to maintenance reports and attention to timely rental payments. I feel good about recommending your services.

Our daughter has a home in Shady Hollow she is interested in renting, so I am copying this to her so she might contact you.

D. Lewis

Everything here is great. I have hot water !!!

Also, Dennis ( I think was his name ) is the gentleman who came today, but he is also the same man that came several weeks ago to review the property is such kind guy. I’m sure today was a disaster for you and your guys. Even though I’m confident he had a thousand other places to be I never felt rushed or that my questions were unimportant. I have to tell you when he left today I was more educated on what to-do and what not-to-do during a freeze ( including taking me out, because imp sure he could tell I live by myself, to show me where to turn the water off in case of a water leak ) Anyway I think that speaks volumes about you and your crew, always helpful and reliable. I can not thank you enough for getting to me so quickly.

Hi Jim!

I have to say, ya’ll are the most responsive and helpful landlords I’ve ever had, especially where maintenance is concerned. Do you have anymore properties available for rent currently in my price range? I’m a good tenant and you are good landlords. It’s definitely worth it to ask!


Hi Jim,

I was a tenant with you for like 4 years… I went out when I bought my “own house”…

Now I am dealing with the normal repairing stuff like I think occurs to every house, so I would like to know if you can spare a couple of minutes and get me some advice/recommendation for some people or companies who might be able to help me to make general repairs and to check and or help me to verify how to prevent pest (ants, termites, scorpions)

Thanks in advance.


WOW!!! Jim thank you so much. What a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting that. You know so much about building business relationships. The reason I don’t want to own a house is dealing with repairs and up keep. If I every buy one will you manage my property. Peace of mind is priceless.

Thanks again. I love being your tenant. Hope we meet one day.

Appreciatively yours,




I had mentioned some of this to Debbie the other day but wanted to let you know that my experience with two of you/Crosstown Properties had always been a great experience even when the situation has not always been in my clients favor (whether the application is accepted or not). I feel that you and Debbie are very professional and yet friendly. You are always willing to help find a win/win as long as it is within your guidelines. Which makes me trust that the two of you are dealing fairly with all parties involved. I also appreciate that you help educate and walk us that are not trained with the leasing process/guidelines. Plus, all of the homes that I have had access to that you manage have always been well taken care of homes (to the best that a landlord is able with renters). It is always a pleasure to send a possible tenant your way – because I know you will treat them fairly during the application process on through the time of their lease. I should hope that the property owners see this as a plus, because it keeps the whole transaction on a positive basis. Happy tenants generally take care of the property because they feel they are being treated well and their voices are heard.

Thanks again for your work and efforts.

Sincerely, Mary P.


Hi Jim,

Your are doing a great job! I have worked with many mgnt co’s and you are the best I have had the pleasure to work with. I just got my statement an it was easy to understand and every dime was accounted for. Your feed back and hones input has been greatly appreciated and your timely response has been right on. I will do all that I can to make sure you get my future business.

Good Job

Hi Jim,

I want to say you again (and again) for taking such good care of our property, keeping it maintained and not letting it get run down. It means a lot to us to have someone conscientious (that would be you) on our team.

Thanks Again, Suzanne


Thank you for finding me such a wonderful tenant. Our realtor had nothing but good things to say about the condition of the home!

D & R


Thanks for the heads up. Kyle and I both appreciate you keeping us up to date with what’s going on out there. We have both been very pleased with the service that you have provided us this far and are more than confident that you will have new renters in there very soon.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.




The tenants sound excellent. I am very glad to be in business with you. You are always doing a great job. If I could replicate you and have you manage my properties in other states my life would be much more relaxed.


Hey Jim!

You’ve been so awesome and you’re experienced so we’ll do whatever you think is best. If that’s to wait and see if they pay August rent then that’s fine with us. We just got back in town so we are getting your e-mail a little late.



That is fantastic news. You have always been and continue to be a great property manager.

Thanks again, Alan


Thank you so much for keeping my place rented. You are the best. So glad we made the change. On thing, I noticed the totals did not change, shouldn’t you be getting more fees?

Thanks again, Jacquie

Hi Jim,

I’m not sure if you can help here but we have a couple of properties in the OKC area. I have reason to believe the properties are being mis-managed. Do you happen to know any property managers in the OKC area you can recommend? I know it is a long shot I jus thought I would ask as your company is top notch and I would value any recommendation you might have. Thanks in advance.